Dec 18, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

I find this video really sexy. Plus, it really appeals to my senses as a film buff.

I'm not too familiar with old school porn films (though I wish I were) but I went through and found most of the references that this video makes. Still missing a few, alas.

Benassi TitleReal TitlePoster
You're My Daddy???
Beautiful Erotic and Naughty???
Do It With Me...Sweetly Girl???
Wall Street WomanWall Street Walker
Assessment: FemaleAssignment: Female
The Piggy PussyThe Pink Pussy
The TouchingThe Touchables
Caged Heap!Caged Heat
Hang BangBang Bang
Girls That GoGirls That Do
Hot BrunchHot Lunch
Casting AllCasting Call
Lust and KissesLove and Kisses
The Man Who Loved All WomenThe Man Who Loved Women
Strip the TeacherTrip with the Teacher

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