Dec 20, 2006

Kitty Interlude

My relationship with Mistress Red has been on and off over the years. Kind of like my time with Sybarta, schedules don't always mesh. And, as I was paying Mistress Red (at first), I didn't feel the loyalty I normally would feel with a non-Pro-Domme.

Thus, I looked for another Pro-Domme (or two) to play with during the times when Mistress Red was otherwise engaged. My needs are such that I wanted to serve more often and with diversity. Call it shallow or disloyal, I don't care. During this search I found Ms. Kitty -- a Pro-Domme from Detroit.

Definitely the most professional of all Pro-Dommes that I've seen before or since, Ms. Kitty was a voluptuous goddess with a fully stocked dungeon. Ms. Kitty loved the administration of pain. CBT (cock and ball torture, not computer based training), caning, flogging; she loved it all. Some of my strongest memories with her include being down on all fours, Rammstein blaring on the CD player, and her behind me, reddening my bottom with the wooden dowel from a child's kite. It "whooshed" through the air and came to a high-pitched crack on the tender flesh of my ass over and over again in time with the music.

I always found our sessions a bit odd in that there was never any release. That is, I was never allowed to cum. I know that this is a hard and fast rule for some Dommes; I had just never experienced that before. I would say "different strokes..." but that would be a bit misleading.

As I tend to do, I struck up something of a friendship with Kitty. We actually hung out a few times outside of our Pro-Domme/Client relationship. She was a lovely lady -- in both looks and personality. She was a great person to chat with though I found that she tended to keep me at a distance (which is fine -- I respected her privacy).

Yet, as the years wore on, I noticed that Kitty would disappear for long periods of my life. We all have our own lives to live, of course. That said, I decided to start looking elsewhere to get my needs fulfilled. I returned to and found a few very interesting-looking women. Among these was Mistress Golden. We chatted for a while and finally agreed to meet.

Would you know that we decided to meet on a day that Ms. Kitty asked me for a favor? Wouldn't you know that Kitty asked me what I was doing that evening? Wouldn't you know that I was honest and told her that I was meeting Mistress Golden? Wouldn't you know that they knew each other? Me and my big slutty mouth.

This lead to a "heart to heart" that I didn't want to have nor did I feel that I needed to have it since I didn't feel that I had to be "loyal" to someone I was paying to serve. If we had been closer friends or if she didn't disappear for months at a time... maybe. But as it was, I didn't feel as bad as she did about my "betrayal." Looking back, maybe I should have been more contrite but I was feeling hurt and a little used (and not in a good way).

I'll talk more about Mistress Golden at a later date. I want to talk, here, about the last time that Kitty and I saw each other. She contacted me out of the blue (as she's wont to do) and told me that she was really stressed. I offered up myself as a form of release. Told her that I'd be willing to take a beating so she could blow off some steam (she had told me that beating a submissive puts her mind at ease). More than just releasing her emotions about other people in her life, I think that she also chose this as an opportunity to work out her feelings between us.

Our session started off typically enough. She bound my cock (wearing rubber gloves) and put a few locks onto the straps, tugging heavily at my balls. It annoyed Ms. Kitty when my cock was at any state other than completely hard when I was in her presence and so she employed one of those "swedish pumps" to keep me at full mast.

Kitty had me stand there, weights on my balls, as she flogged me for longer than I had ever been flogged (and harder) before. This was just a warm up. After this, she had me lay back on her gynocological exam table. She didn't seem to care when the locks from my balls fell off the side and gave me a big yank. She began torturing my nipples with fingernails and then clamps before moving back to my bottom. She had me lift my legs up high and began spanking me. It was then that she told me the goal she had in mind. "I want you to cry for me."

This may not sound like a huge challenge but for me (on 30mg of Celexa a day) it was. My medicine kept my emotions in check, so much so that my ability to cry is severely curbed. That said, she continued to spank me. Each blow bounced my bound cock and tore at the throbbing of my clamped nipples. She moved from her hand to her crop continued. Still not yeilding to tears, she did something I had never contemplated.

I can't share all of the details as I had to look away. I couldn't take it. All I know is that one moment my cock was as it should be and when I looked back there was a long needle through it. I gasped at the sight more than the sensation. I didn't have time to catch my breath before she screamed at me to lift my legs higher and went to work on my poor bruised bottom with her wooden dowel. She was merciless and I prayed for the tears to come.

For all intents and purposes, I cried tearlessly for a long time before the real tears finally made their appearance... when finally they came, she unbound me (and unpinned me) and allowed me to find solace on my knees at her feet. I cried long and hard, having been tortured into submission and penitence. Our score was settled.

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