Nov 2, 2007

Pony Play

I recently finished reading Carrie's Story by Molly Weatherfield and its sequel, Safe Word. This was my first official exposure to "pony play." Before that, I had only read a sci-fi book, The Mount by Carol Emshwiller. That book--winner of a Philip K. Dick Award--had aliens riding humans (on their shoulders). The primary character very much sounded like a submissive who was loving being used by another.

Since reading Safe Word, I've been very intrigued by the idea of pony play. I don't necessarily want to be a pony but I'd love to witness a race or ride in a cart behind a female pony. Here's hoping I can find a stable one of these days...

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Angela St. Lawrence said...


But I still love you.

SexToyRick said...

i really find this Interesting :) why so yuck ? To each his own ..Kudos:)