Feb 11, 2010

The Sad State of Detroit Domination

Detroit isn't a great place to be. The economy is hurting, the politicians are as crooked as a dog's hind leg, and the BDSM scene leaves a lot to be desired.

I'm heading to NYC in the middle of February for the Cinekink Film Festival. While I'm in town I figured I'd check out one (or more) of the NYC dungeons and/or Dommes that are available. A quick look at MaxFisch.com gave me more than a few Dominas from which to choose.

I carefully combed through the NYC listings and selected a few women that offered services that fit with my kink. I wrote to them, asking if I could set up an appointment for the weekend I'd be in town. I introduced myself and inquired what their requirements were, if they had any kind of screening process, or if they needed references.

As an experiment, I also did the same thing to all of the Dommes that were listed for the Detroit area. I wanted to see the differences between the responses. In order to get the largest sampling I could, I emailed all of the Dommes from Detroit that were listed on Max Fisch. That was all eleven (at the time). The only two women I didn't email were Mistress Eve and Mistress Sue with whom I've spoken before.

I then went back to the NYC Dommes and made sure that I sent a total of eleven emails to both groups.

The results?

I received four reponses from the New York Dommes - two of them were form emails and two of them were personal responses. All of them were well-written and professional.

Of the Detroit Dommes, I received only one response. This was also well-written and professional (from Goddess Danielle). One other bounced back as a bad email address and the other ten remain unanswered.

Knowing that a lot of Dommes in Detroit are opting to not have websites but to advertise with a profile on Collarme.com, I went to that site and sent the same note to those women that claimed to be professional dominatrices.

The responses were underwhelming. Those that replied didn't seem to know how to finish the sale. There were a few quick one-line responses and one that immediately asked for $100 to prove that I was serious. No courtesy or professionalism present.

If any insecure ProDomme were to read this I'm sure the first response would be to accuse me of not sending a good initial email of inquiry. That may be true. But one would think that any inkling of business would be nurtured. In this economy, one can't afford to be so sloppy or careless.

C'mon Detroit! Let's shape it up!

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Old Roadie said...

I agree in part ... perhaps this is less about the sad state of Detroit Domination than about the "Poor Communication Etiquette of Detroit Dommes."

Lady English of Grand Rapids often visits Detroit, and she's easy to correspond with. Persephone in Flint, likewise.

However, there are a couple Dommes (like Demonique, just to pick an example) who are terrible about returning email. However, once you have a phone number, there's no problem.

However, in comparison, I was recently traveling and did much what you did, sent a number of emails. I only had one out of five reply, with a second one sending me a note far after I'd already returned home.

But, regardless, your comments are valid. Ladies: communicate!